There is a significant transformation from the first ping pong table to the current ones standardized by the International Table Tennis Federation. The current ping pong table is extremely durable ( at the same time the parts of the paddle ( made of rubber to allow bouncing back of the tennis ball. The transformation on the table and table tennis paddles are viewed on the following parameters


As the inventor started the game, a waist height was ideal but it did not factor in the different heights of players, for example, citizens of the Asian community are shorter compared to the ones from the African nation. Due to this challenges; the federation set a standard measurement of 9 by 5 by 2.5 feet in height, length, and width respectively.


The weight will now depend on the type of wood which the Federation has little control over. Although, it is advisable to use softwood which is less bulky with a reasonable weight for portability. Ping pong is an indoor game, the lighter the table the flexible it is in movement.

The handle of the racket can be either long or short depending on the country of manufacturer since they consider the height of the players

Type of material

Initially, the tables were made of wooden which is still the same scenarios although, the industrial era brought about the metallic tennis tables which can still be seen in recreational facilities. The wood helps to maintain the grip in an intensive game, unlike metal which is prone to fall especially in a slippery flow hence affecting the ball landing.

The paddle must have plywood as the base and a rubber lining in the middle parts of the racket to support bouncing back of the ball at the maximum speed based on the hitting strength and the wavelength. The first paddle was made of wood which has a challenge in bouncing back. Rubber supports bouncing which is the scoring parameter in table tennis.


You have no limit on the color of the table as long as it is of uniform color. Initially, you were at liberty to have a color of your choice as long as you maintain the right size. The first color of the table has universal colors of white, black and gray because the technology in color on the material was still in its initial problems- the reason for white and black photographs.

Despite the inroads in the table tennis, the income levels of individuals and the state of the economy was a determinant on the type of tennis tables and the racket. The African content took time in getting the modern rackets and tennis tables. However, the investment in the game by the various economy is a catalyst on the uptake of either the old or the new table tennis equipment.

The planetary transformation highly depended on the level of technology at that particular time. The metallic table came in because of the industrial era while the wooden paddle or racket came into existence in the pre-industrial age. However, they are still in existence because of the benefits in bouncing and grip of the ball.